"Changing World" (変わる世界 Kawaru Sekai?) is the fourth episode of the Kotoura-san anime series. It first aired on February 1, 2013.

Plot Summary

A week has passed since Haruka Kotoura disappeared and Yoshihisa Manabe has been unable to contact her. Thanks to Daichi Muroto's help, the ESP Research Club track Haruka down to the last station she left on. Having forgotten to book a hotel, the group are offered to spend the night at a shrine run by a monk named Oshō. By coincidence, they find he is a family friend of Haruka who, upon hearing Yoshihisa's pleas, takes them to Haruka's family home where she is staying with her grandfather, Zenzou Kotoura. As Haruka can't bring herself to face them, she hears Yoshihisa's desire to be with her, leaving her open to get caught. Haruka explains how she doesn't want to go back as she doesn't want to hurt anyone and attempts to run off again. Just then, Hiyori Moritani arrives, wanting to apologize to Haruka for her jealous actions, whilst also thanking her for allowing her to change her ways. Accepting her thanks, Haruka decides to go back to school.

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