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Haruka Kotoura
Vital Information
Name Haruka Kotoura
Gender Female
Age 16
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Hazel
Affiliation ESP Club
Relatives Kumiko Kotoura (mother)
Zenzō Kotoura (grandfather)
Unnamed father
Seiyū Hisako Kanemoto
First appearance
Anime Episode 1
Haruka Kotoura (琴浦 春香 Kotoura Haruka) is the female protagonist of the anime Kotoura-san. Haruka is a girl who was born with the psychic ability to read minds. Because she didn't understand this ability as a child, she would often blurt out what people were thinking, which caused her to be hated by her classmates and even her parents. The constant fear of losing those important to her had left her alone and unwilling to let anyone get close to her. That is, until the day she meets Yoshihisa. She is voiced by Hisako Kanemoto.


In the entire anime, her physical appearance doesn't change much. Her hair has a type of triple ombre style, in which the top is a bright mixture of yellow and orange; the mid-section develops into a strawberry orange, and the lower reverts to a carrot orange. Her eyes when she was in her state of loneliness and depression was a series of fading browns, but outside of that emotion, her real eye color is revealed to be pumpkin orange and carrot orange. She appears to always be blushing light pink(outside of the scenes in which she is purposely blushing).


During her early childhood days, she is portrayed as a cheerful, friendly girl who loves to play and hang out with her friends. However, due to her naturally naive personality, she tended to blurt out the thoughts of other people which they prefer to keep a secret, causing misunderstandings between people around her. As a result, she became isolated and developed a cold personality that shuts out others, being generally rude due to her fear of being driven away again once she made friends with them. When she became friends with Yoshihisa, she started to open up again to the aspect of having friends and became more friendly, although is still prone to hurting when someone starts to bully her for her mind-reading abilities.


As a child, Kotoura was a happy child for a short while until her ESP powers begin growing. The first occasion of this was when her mother, Kumiko Kotoura, said "Guess what you're having for breakfast." with Haruko Kotoura reading her mind and saying "Open-easy eggs?" suprising her mother.  



She joined a esp group, with abilities.

She joined in because she has the special ability to read minds which has caught Yuriko's interest in her.


Yoshihisa ManabeEdit

Main article: Yoshihisa Manabe

Manabe was Kotoura's first true friend. He was both accepting and even excited by her ability to read minds, which was contrary to most she had met in her life until that point.  Literally from the moment she read his mind, her world became brighter. He loves to tease her by imagining her in provacative positions (a sexy nurse, for example). Despite this, or perhaps partially because of this, she likes him. Over the series, the two become romanticly interested in each other. Because of Kotoura's ability, their relationship is both unorthodox and adorable. Though, this does result in a slight problem for them. For the duration, Manabe never expressly said that he loved her, only thought it. During the final episode, there is a heartwarming scene where they finally say it out loud to each other. It can be presumed that they continued to have a positive relationship for a long while.

Manabe changed Kotoura's life in many ways. She was broken and defeated before he and she became friends, but he gave her the strength to carry on. He became a sort of rock in her life, being something she could always count on. Before him, all she had was despair.


"No one will play with me!"


Her birthday is September 1.

She can read minds.

Possible Myers-Briggs Type: INFP

Currently there is a joint venture between real life Kotoura town and the producer of this series in order to promote tourism across the town.

One of the promotional cards distrubuted across the town shows an adult version of kotoura, together with a baby boy (the boy's hair somehow resembles Manabe's).



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