Hiyori Moritani
Vital Information
Name Hiyori Moritani
Gender Female
Age 16
Hair color Faded red
Eye color Rose red
Affiliation ESP Club
Seiyū Yurika Kubo
First appearance
Anime Episode 1
Hiyori Moritani (森谷 ヒヨリ Moritani Hiyori) is Haruka and Yoshihisa's classmate, often nicknamed Moriya. She is in love with Yoshihisa and initially despises Haruka for being so close to him. She is voiced by Yurika Kubo.


Hiyori is a fairly attractive young girl of average height, with short dull red colored hair. She has red eyes that seem to change with her emotions, especially when she is angry. Hiyori is also very physically fit for a girl her age. Her family owns and lives in the Mori dojo. Being a very skilled martial artist, she's expected to be the inheritor of the dojo and next teacher of the Mori family style.


She is depicted as a girl who is generally cold to others whom she deems an obstacle preventing her from reaching her goals.


Hiyori grew up in the Mori karate dojo and fell in love with Yoshihisa due to his kindness toward her.


Due to her coldness toward those 'in her way,' Hiyori to bullying Haruka, being jealous and resenting her close relationship to Yoshihisa, whom she likes. Yoshihisa confronted her once he discovered that she was responsible for negative treatment, escalating with a sign on Haruka's back.


Haruka Kotoura

Hiyori starts out as Haruka's bully, but once she sees the error of her ways, she becomes a close friend. She often tries to encourage Haruka, and one day asks her to assist her with homework.




  • Hiyori's 'ability' is to use her Mori family style to supposedly move objects.
  • It is established by other characters that she has no talent as a cook. In fact, whatever normal ingredients she tosses together creates food with devastating results; much like being terribly drunk with embarrassing behavior. Victims awaken to minimal or no memory of what happened the previous night.