"Kotoura and Manabe" (琴浦さんと真鍋くん Kotoura-san to Manabe-kun?) is the first episode of the Kotoura-san anime series. It first aired on January 11, 2013.

Plot Summary

Haruka Kotoura is a girl who was born with ESP, the ability to read minds. As she had no real understanding of this ability and tended to blurt out everything everyone was thinking, she became feared and bullied by her classmates and even disowned by her parents, eventually leading her to give up getting close to anyone. As Haruka transfers into a new high school, not getting along with the other students, she is approached by a dim-witted boy named Yoshihisa Manabe, who remains eager to hang out with her despite her being able to read his dirty thoughts. After Haruka ends up saving Yoshihisa from a speeding truck, she confesses about how her ability has ruined her life and left her afraid of hurting those close to her. Yoshihisa responds that he will stay by her side no matter what happens and the two become friends.

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