So Happy, So Fun
Ep03 12
Title So Happy, So Fun
Kanji 嬉しくて、楽しくて
Romaji Ureshikute, Tanoshikute
Air date January 25, 2013
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So Happy, So Fun (嬉しくて、楽しくて Ureshikute, Tanoshikute?) is the third episode of the Kotoura-san anime series. It first aired on January 25, 2013.

Plot SummaryEdit

As Haruka Kotoura tries to keep the fact she overheard Yoshihisa Manabe's confession from him, she and the others go to a karaoke place, where it is soon revealed that Haruka is completely tone deaf. The next evening, as Haruka plans to make a home-made lunch for Yoshihisa, Yoshihisa is attacked by some karate members asked by Hiyori Moritani to slightly rough him up, although they end up taking it a bit too far and end up hospitalizing him. As word reaches the class the next day, Haruka hears Hiyori's stressed thoughts as she fears being found out by everyone. However, Haruka instead chooses to give her some assurance before going to visit Yoshihisa in hospital. After hearing Yoshihisa's thoughts about how he didn't want to get Haruka involved, she feels guilty that she is just hurting others in her place and moves away.

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