Yuriko Mifune
御舟 百合子
Vital Information
Name Yuriko Mifune
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair color Periwinkle blue
Eye color Blue
Affiliation ESP Club
Seiyū Kana Hanazawa
First appearance
Anime Episode 2

Yuriko Mifune (御舟 百合子 Mifune Yuriko?) is the president of the ESP Research Club. Her mother was a clairvoyant who would often assist in police investigations. However, she was accused of being a fake and hung herself, bringing shame to her family and horrifying Yuriko who believed in her. Ever since, Yuriko has been keen to prove the existence of psychics, finally having the answer in Haruka. She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa.


Yuriko is a young teen girl with long, periwinkle blue hair and wears a red headband. Like many of the other characters, Yuriko has rosy cheeks. Yuriko is usually seen wearing her high school's uniform, which consists of a long sleeved polo with a blue stripe at the collar.It also consists of a blue skirt. However, she has been seen to change her attire outside of school. Yuriko is also notably bustier than her fellow female club members. (Causing occasional envy from Haruka)


At first, she was shown as a person who wants to use Haruka in order to prove the existence of psychic abilities. Later, it was shown that deep down, she has a caring side and was angered at the fact that Haruka was being bullied by Hiyori, blaming herself for the one who persuaded Haruka to do fortune-telling and apologized to her. She is also a very lively person and a bit bossy, often shown when she does not hesitate to drag other people to the club room in order to try and persuade them to join, to the point that she locks the door to prevent Yoshihisa and Haruka from escaping the club room when they entered there for the first time.

She tends to be outgoing and confident, contrasting to Haruka's timid personality.


Yuriko's mother also had ESP, and was pressured for her ability (much like Haruka was at a young age)

She ended up committing suicide due to disbelief of her abilities and Yuriko was severely bullied. This led her to try to prove the existence of ESP by forming the ESP society and trying to use Kotoura.


In the beginning, she used Haruka for her own ends by having her read people's minds in an effort to prove that ESP exists. This ended badly for her, and she felt somewhat guilty.

She then took on the role of typical senpai, pushing Haruka closer to Manabe and looking out for her in general. All the while though, she let her past slip to Haruka her thoughts.

She helped in the attempt to take down the criminal, but after Muroto injured, she stayed by his side. Her goal in this was to use Haruka's ESP to find the criminal, and thus prove it's existence. But after it all went wrong, she saw the error in her ways and felt absolutely horrible.

In the end, she changed mission of her ESP club to celebrating ESP as opposed to proving it.


It is seen that she has feelings for her childhood friend Daichi, who was one of the few people that actually believed in Yuriko's mother, that she was no liar because she was able to read minds and helped the police arrest criminals and such. Unfortunately, he only considers her as a childhood friend.


"My mom was telling the truth."


  • Her possible personality type is ENTJ
  • The name Yuriko means "Lily child".
  • Yuriko's mother, like Haruka, had ESP. Her ability to read minds had helped police officers to find criminals.



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